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Rapid Response to a Storm Event at a Greenville, SC business.

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Rapid Response to a Storm Event at a Greenville, SC business. A water extraction in progress. It pulls water from a carpet before it can absorb into the padding.

Over the past few weeks, the Upstate received several inches of rain. Single day totals were broken in some cities and flash flood, and storm warnings were a daily occurrence. The final days of the deluge proved to be too much for a roof of a Greenville business as a small section of their roof gave way to a significant amount of water.

The office had closed for the weekend, but the water was pouring in and rushing across the floor so rapidly that it set off the motion detectors and a manager was alerted. (Which is lucky for them, because if this amount of water had sat for the entire weekend, there is no telling how much damage could have been done.) The business had used SERVPRO of East Greenville County for commercial cleaning services in the past and knew that we were the people to call for this emergency. Almost every member of our production crew was on site in less than two hours to start the water extraction and drying process. All the standing water was removed

The office space is over 20,000 square feet and is requiring 140 air movers, over a dozen dehumidifiers, and scores of man hours to get this business back into a working state. As of this posting, we expect the flooring to reach dry standard by August 15, and we will then begin inspecting for any secondary issues that can arise from water damage.

SERVPRO of East Greenville County is always ready to help your business recover as fast as possible to limit downtime and reduce the loss of productivity and profit. If your home or business experiences any disastrous event, give us a call at 864-292-3495, and we will be there to help you.

Dealing with Marijuana Residue and Odor in Your Greenville, SC Rental Property.

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Dealing with Marijuana Residue and Odor in Your Greenville, SC Rental Property. Similar to cigarette smoke, marijuana residue can build up over time and have drastic impacts on a structure.

The past few years have seen many states legalize marijuana for recreational or medicinal use, and property managers in those states are facing the challenge of removing marijuana residue and odor after a tenant moves out. South Carolina has yet to legalize marijuana at any level of use, but property managers in Greenville still have to face those same challenges.

Marijuana residue can enter the ventilation system of the structure; it can seep into carpeting or other soft contents, walls can be severely stained just like with cigarette smoke. And the length of the tenants’ tenure may have an impact on the level of contamination and processes that are needed to clean and restore the structure. Marijuana smoke and residue may also be combined with incense and other items used to mask the odor, and that may cause even more staining and penetration of the materials inside of a structure. A simple wipe down with retail cleaning solutions may be enough to clean the walls in an apartment that had a tenant with a twelve-month lease. But if the resident had been living there for multiple years, it may be time to call in a professional.

One of SERVPRO of East Greenville County’s specialties is the remediation of smoke damage, and we have the specialized resources to remove the damage, stains, and odor that smoke can cause. So, we can treat structures with marijuana residue with the same care and expertise as those with other types of smoke. Our cleaning solution can be increased or diluted to adjust to the level of staining without damaging the walls. Our air movers, ozone machines, and carpet cleaners are powerful enough to deodorize and remove residue from the air inside of structures and can help reduce the need to have the carpet replaced.

Marijuana cleanup is a sensitive subject, and it is what it is, no judgment from us. So if you are dealing with the impacts of marijuana use on your structure SERVPRO of East Greenville has the experience and resources to clean it up and give you peace of mind.   

Greer Community Ministries teams with SERVPRO of East Greenville County for a School Supply Drive.

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Community Greer Community Ministries teams with SERVPRO of East Greenville County for a School Supply Drive. A list of school supplies needed across all grade levels.

SERVPRO of East Greenville County has partnered with Greer Community Ministries, a local non-profit that provides services to those in need in Greer, SC. GCM follows the philosophy that “no elderly, homebound or disadvantaged person in the Greater Greer area will go hungry,” and has several programs to support their goals. These include a Meals on Wheels kitchen that served almost 90,000 hot and fresh meals, a food pantry and a clothing closet.

GCM also works to provide families in need with school supplies, and this year they have a goal of providing at least 500 children with supplies they need to start off the school year. Children within the Greenville and Spartanburg County school districts can come by GCM’s location at 738 S. Line St. Ext. in Greer with proof of residency and registration for grades 1-12 to pick up supplies every Monday – Friday until August 17. They are also accepting supplies and cash donations at the location or via their website. Saturday, August 4, GCM is hosting the Benson Classic Car Show in Greer from 10 am until 2 pm.

Where SERVPRO of East Greenville County comes in, is that our office is a drop off location for school supplies Monday – Friday 8.30 am until 4.30 pm until Thursday, August 16. Every person that drops off a new, unused bookbag at our location will be entered into a random drawing the week of August 24. The prizes include a Tasting Tour for Two from 6&20 Distillery.; event passes from Frankie’s Fun Park or a three-room carpet cleaning from us (a big thanks to our prize sponsors btw.)! So, donate and make yourself feel great and maybe win a prize to boot.

We take pride in giving back to our community and working with Greer Community Ministries.

The Importance of Adding Value to the Client/Realtor Relationship

7/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial The Importance of Adding Value to the Client/Realtor Relationship An information table for a SERVPRO Lunch and Learn.

SERVPRO of East Greenville County had the opportunity to interact with the That Realty Group sales team during a lunch and learn earlier this week. Both teams had a great time and shared a delicious meal form Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House. The focus of the lunch and learn was to highlight the benefits of SERVPRO of East Greenville County’s residential service to both buyers and sellers of homes in the upstate of South Carolina.

One such benefit is the knowledge that any water or mold damage that is discovered during an inspection will be mitigated by a professional company with an excellent reputation and level of customer service. This can add peace of mind for the buyer, seller, and realtor throughout the transaction.

Realtors can also further develop a level of trust with their clients by being proactive with SERVPRO’s contact information in anticipation of an event. These events do not have to necessarily disastrous in nature either. A great example is a home was vandalized with tattoo ink on the front porch, windows, and some exterior walls, and this was within three months of purchasing the home. The homeowners felt angry, victimized, and embarrassed. And they were completely new to South Carolina, so they were not sure whom to call after speaking with the police, so they reached out to their realtor. Their realtor contacted our office to see if there was availability to assist her former clients quickly, and SERVPRO was on site that same morning to determine the best action plan. The home was cleaned up and only a few pieces of wicker furniture needed to be replaced, saying the homeowner a significant amount. But more importantly, the homeowners and realtor relationship grew stronger even though their transaction had been completed. A month later when friends of the homeowner were looking to relocate to Greenville, they immediately reached out to that same realtor because they trusted them to take care of those they cared about.

Realtors that utilize SERVPRO of East Greenville County get the immediate benefit of quality, reputable work. But they also get the long-term benefit of adding value to their client relationships as well.  

Indicators Your Greer, SC Home May Have Hidden Water Damage

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Indicators Your Greer, SC Home May Have Hidden Water Damage A small drip from a water supply line resulted in massive water damage to a subfloor in Greer, SC.

When most people hear the phrase Water Damage, they think of flooded basements, overflowing sinks, and water pouring from a hole in the ceiling. And while those are disastrous examples of what a water damage event can look like, sometimes a less dramatic situation can cause quite a scene.

The following are some of the indicators that you may have a discrete water event:

  • Musty Odors. Even the smallest puddle of water can stagnate and become an ideal location for bacterial and microbial growth. These unseen puddles can produce the musty smell that can be an indicator of hidden water damage.
  • Noticeable microbial growth. Water from a loss can flow in many directions and collect in areas that may not get a lot of attention during regular cleaning. Once airborne or dormant mold spores come into contact with moisture, active mold growth can begin. Areas of discoloration or “fuzzy growth” may be a sign of microbial growth and that is being fed by an unknown water loss. If you do notice any suspected mold make sure to have, it examined by a professional mold mitigation service provider.
  • Stained ceilings and walls. Water can find its way into almost any part of a building, in between the levels of an office building, behind the walls of a church, and inside a hall closet in a home. As water pools and saturates the materials, it may stain the adjacent sheetrock or baseboard. Blotches or other stains can be indicators that you may have a small leak.

If you notice any of these or other signs of a potential water loss contact a plumber to determine and repair the source of the loss, and if you are having trouble locating a plumber we can make a referral. After the cause of water loss has been fixed contact SERVPRO of East Greenville County for restoration and repair of your damaged property.

Pack-Out Services for your Greenville, SC Home Remodel

7/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Pack-Out Services for your Greenville, SC Home Remodel A living room in Greer, SC mid-pack-out.

SERVPRO of East Greenville County specializes in emergency services for water, fire, and storm damage. But you do not have to have an emergency to take advantage of our service. In fact, a few of our services can be a part of your remodel plan.

Remodeling your home can be an exciting way to truly make your house your home. The concepts of expanding living spaces, adding a garden tub, or getting the perfect kitchen can all get the imagination racing. But often it’s the tiny details that are overlooked and bring large amounts of stress and frustration as they insert a little reality into your dream. Especially the ever so small detail of “Where are we going to put all of our stuff while we do this?”

Having the contents of your home packed-out by SERVPRO of East Greenville County’s professional team can help answer that question and significantly reduce stress. We can provide you with an efficient and organized pack-out based on your needs. This will help reduce the amount of time the remodel can take, protect your belongings from unexpected damage from accidents or construction debris, and give you peace of mind so that you can focus on your project. We have local business partners that can facilitate moving and storage as well, helping to lighten the burden even more.

So if your remodel and renovation is to finalize your dream home or a necessity because of damage, we are prepped and #ready to be there for you.

Reducing the Likelihood of Mold in your Greenville, SC Home: Crawl Space Water Heaters

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Reducing the Likelihood of Mold in your Greenville, SC Home: Crawl Space Water Heaters Discharge from water heaters can cause insulation to sag and can become a source of microbial growth.

You needed extra storage room in your home, so you relocated your water heater to the crawlspace. Great, you now have a larger pantry or hall closet, plus you do not have to worry about your floor if the water heater leaks. However, you may have set up a much larger issue down the road. Now, this isn’t intended to frighten anyone or convince them to reconsider any form of home renovation, but instead, bring awareness to on how to help prevent costly damage to your home.

One of SERVPRO of East Greenville County specialties is water mitigation, and often we discover a secondary issue while helping home or business owners recover from a water damage event: Mold. In the majority of those instances, we are able to be proactive and resolve the mold situation before it can become a huge problem. But, there are a few occasions where mold and microbial growth can become an enormous problem, and if the source of loss for water damage is a water heater that is located in an unconditioned crawlspace, the chances of a major mold issue increase drastically.

Unconditioned crawlspaces are ideal locations for microbial growth. They are dark, damp, and rarely disturbed. Combine those favorable conditions with even a small, unnoticeable leak from a water heater and mold can grow and spread quickly in the crawlspace and may impact other parts of your home. If your water heater has a major issue, it may spray hot water onto insulation or parts of HVAC units and other areas that may be overlooked by a hot water service technician, and that could be enough to initiate microbial growth. Contacting SERVPRO of East Greenville County for a crawlspace inspection after your water heater has been serviced or replaced is a great way to being proactive in preventing or removing a mold issue. Our expert technicians can review your crawlspace and develop customized solutions to fit your home’s needs, not just sell you an expensive “fix-all.”

Preventing mold or discovering it in early stages can reduce the risk to your home or business and significantly reduce the cost of repairs and lost time.

Being Proactive to Reduce Storm Damage in Greenville, SC.

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Being Proactive to Reduce Storm Damage in Greenville, SC. Maintaining the trees on your Taylors property can help to limit the damage from severe weather.

This last week has seen severe thunderstorms pop up every afternoon in Greenville and the surrounding areas. Many of the late night and early morning news broadcasts have updates about the number of power outages or damage to homes, business, and churches across many counties in the Upstate. It is impossible to predict what impact a storm may have on your property, flooding, damaged roof, shattered windows, etc., but you can be proactive to limit the damage caused by the trees around your property.

Factors like the density of the canopy, the strength of the branches, and health of the root system need to be considered when preparing the trees on your property for any severe weather. And you can take steps to control these factors.


Maintaining a tree can make a significant difference on if a tree survives a storm. Pruning the canopy – or the top of the tree- will reduce wind resistance and reduce the force that can damage limbs or the tree trunk causing the tree to topple over. Pruning can also remove dead or dying branches that have a much higher chance of being torn from a tree and causing damage to property. Having the trees on your property pruned may seem costly at first, but it can help to reduce or avoid damage that may have a much higher cost.


Mulching isn’t just to improve curb appeal; it can also protect the root system of a tree. Having a wide “mulch” ring around a tree’s base prevents water from flowing away from the roots of the tree, allowing it absorb into the soil and nourish the tree. And since a trees root system can spread out for yards around a tree, the mulch ring puts distance between the tree and yard equipment like mowers, minimizing the damage that occurs when a mower blade nicks an exposed root.

If you have concerns about the condition of the trees around your Greer property or want to be proactive to prevent storm damage, contact a professional arborist.  Reducing the likelihood of storm damage is a great way to reduce its cost.

Be Safe While Enjoying Your Fireworks in Greenville, SC

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Be Safe While Enjoying Your Fireworks in Greenville, SC SERVPRO of East Greenville County wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Independence Day.

Next week is the United States of America’s birthday, and we celebrate that day with burgers, hotdogs, and days at the beach. But that night belongs to the fireworks. Many cities will have enormous firework displays, like Greer’s Freedom Blast on June 30 and the Wells Fargo Red, White & Blue Festival in Greenville on July 4, that are managed by professional pyrotechnic experts that will light up the sky and make memories for years to come. And some of us will do our own thing…

Sparklers, snakes, roman candles, bottle rockets, hoosker doos, and hoosker don’ts. We all have our favorite. But no matter what type of blast you prefer, safety must be a top priority. Because according to the National Fire Protection Association, more fires are reported on July 4th than any other day of the year. Thousands of fires and injuries, nearly 40% of all reported fires and emergency room visits, are related to fireworks.

So, if you are planning to put on your own fireworks extravaganza, please keep these tips from the National Safety Council in mind.

  • Never use fireworks while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks
  • Older children should use them only under close adult supervision
  • Anyone using fireworks or standing nearby should wear protective eyewear
  • Never light them indoors
  • Only use them away from people, houses, and flammable material
  • Only light one device at a time and maintain a safe distance after lighting
  • Never ignite devices in a container
  • Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks
  • Soak unused fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish fireworks that don't go off or in case of fire

Boating Safely Thanks to the USCG Boating Safety Application

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Boating Safely Thanks to the USCG Boating Safety Application The USCG app has a user-friendly layout that allows users to put safety as a priority.

Summer is here and the hot days can make the call of the water irresistible. And if you own a boat, you may be more likely to answer the call, or at least your friends and neighbors will want you to answer their call for some “boat time.” That is why it is important to be more than safe when it comes to preparing for a day on the water.

The United States Coast Guard offers a free application for your phone that provides several essential guides, checklists, and services to help give you peace of mind when planning your excursion. The app is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store, and includes the following features:

Find the latest safety regulations
Request a vessel safety check
Check your safety equipment
File a float plan
Navigation Rules
Find the nearest NOAA buoy
Report a hazard
Report pollution
Report suspicious activity
Request emergency assistance

The application also includes state and federal boating information and if you are on the ocean an Emergency Assistance button that will contact the closest Coast Guard command center.

The Boating Safety Mobile app was not intended to replace a marine VHF radio but act as a supplement.