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The Bathroom Exhaust Fan. Your New Best Friend.

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

The primary purpose of the bathroom exhaust fan has been lost over time. It is actually there to control the moisture levels in the bathroom.

Homeownership can be exhausting. So many things beak or need updating, regular maintenance, and the bills. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you own your home or if your home owns you. And it can be very easy to think a small repair can be put off and ignored, that is until it turns into a huge unavoidable issue. Let’s take a look at one such item; the bathroom exhaust fan.

The bathroom exhaust fan is the best friend you never knew you had, and you will miss him when he is gone. But it is only a small problem, right? Yes, it does help control odors in the bathroom, and when you spray all of those cleaning solutions in the sink and tub, it helps to pull those odors out too. You can buy candles and air fresheners, and open the nearest window while you are cleaning, that is cheaper and more convenient than paying to have it repaired or replaced. But what about the real purpose for the bathroom exhaust fan, the one that can help save you thousands in repair cost? I bet you are listening now.

Odor control is the most noticeable function of the exhaust fan, but it is moisture control that is the real benefit that it provides. Those long, hot showers after a long day that fog up the mirror, well they also “fog” up the walls and doors. The fan helps to quickly adjust the moisture levels in the bathroom, making the bathroom a less ideal environment for mold to develop. Some wooden doors and flooring types may also be prone to warping if they absorb too much moisture, the fan works to keep those intact too. A warped door can be a pain, but if the floor warps in the wrong spot, it can lead to the toilet leaking and even more water damage throughout the house.

So, although it may seem like an insignificant item that is easy to keep at the bottom of the “to-do” list, you should give the bathroom exhaust fan a little MVP treatment every once in a while. Dust it when you clean the bathroom, and if it breaks, get it fixed ASAP. After all, it is working in the background to save you money, just like a good friend.

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