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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

A lime green bucket and mop leaning against a white wall. Having a clean floor not only can impress customers but it can also create a safer work place.

Tile, concrete, and hard wood floors all come with the appeal of avoiding special maintenance, as they are less likely to have dirt, debris, and pollens compared to carpet. However, no matter the material, floors are high traffic areas. People come and go, and every single one of them walks on the floor to do so. So, even low maintenance floors need some TLC every once in a while.

Why cleaning Commercial Floors Matters:       

  1. Safety: Floors that are not maintained and well-kept can be a hazard to everyone with-in the building. Accumulated grim can become a tripping hazard. As well as accidents such as slips and falls become more common when floors are dirty.
  2. First Impressions: Flooring covers the entire vicinity of your commercial space. Clean and shiny floors make for a much better impression. Commercial floor cleaning services achieve a floor that everyone can take pride in.
  3. Less Work: Being a business Owner comes with a lot of responsibilities. Leaving the floor to a professional means less work for you and ensures that the cleaning will be done consistently.
  4. Professional Knowledge: Taking care of flooring requires special knowledge, and professional cleaning services can perform deep cleaning services that take care of these issues.

Every commercial property experiences wear and tear including the accumulation of dirt and grime. SERVPRO of East Greenville is happy to help with that. Give us a call to make your workspace look its best!

Now what? | Fire in your Greenville, SC Home

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

House on Fire If you are dealing with a house fire, call SERVPRO of East Greenville County immediately! We're Here to Help! 864-292-3495

When a fire occurs inside your home or at your commercial business, our team is here to assist.  We have a variety of services to meet your needs.  There is no need for you to stress.  In the event of a fire, give our office a call.  We will take your information, schedule a time for of our crew members to come out, then plan a time for our crew to begin.  There are 2 different types of fire services we provide:

  • Light Cleaning:  This kind of cleaning only occurs when a fire is limited to a very small space (1-2 rooms).  Our team will arrive and clean items in place and walls with visible smoke damage.  How do we determine if there is smoke damage?  We us a specialized sponge that is designed to pull smoke out of the wall.  If nothing comes off the walls in this room, there is no need to clean.
  • Heavy Cleaning:  This is the typical route we chose to take when cleaning after a fire.  This method ensures items and the structure have been rid of smoke.  If smoke is left, damages will persist.  When performing a general clean, all items heavily affected by the fire will be taken to our warehouse for cleaning.  Any small items that can be cleaned in place will be.  The structure will be cleaned from top to bottom as well.

If you encounter a fire in your home, give a call to the best team in town - SERVPRO of East Greenville County.  We'll help make it, "Like it never even happened."

What Do I Do?! -- Water Damage Tips! Let’s Fix It Together!

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

White blocks with individual letters on them that spell together. Everyone at SERVPRO of East Greenville is eager to help you however we can!

Oh no! Water has damaged your home! What do you do?!

Take a breath. We’re here to help.

Our office staff and the lead technician assigned to your mitigation work will walk with you through all of the restoration. Once we finish the mitigation, we pass the job off to a repairs specialist.

At SERVPRO of East Greenville County we have a long list of individuals that can assist you with repairs, put backs, moving, refinishing furniture and so much more. Even if we don’t have it, we will help you look for it after we’ve finished your mitigation! We are more than confident in all of our subcontractors to perform work for you. 

No matter the extent of your damage, give our team a call. We would love to help!

What Do I Do?! -- Water Damage Tips! Dry The Area

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

Blue fans with yellow hoses are connected to drying mats on the floor to help dry the wood flooring. Water is in most materials in your home, just to a small degree.

Oh no! Water has damaged your home! What do you do?!

Take a breath. We’re here to help.

One of the steps in our mitigation process is drying the affected area. Certain materials dry at different rates and they all have a moisture content level they must meet before being considered “dry.”

Interesting enough, did you know that wood is not always completely dry? Did you know that concrete is not either? Water is in most materials in your home, just to a small degree. Unfortunately, if items get too wet, they may not be salvageable. Read more about removing materials in our last water loss blog.

When items can be dried in place, we set two different types of drying equipment: Air movers and Dehumidifiers. Air movers are large fans that move air throughout the room at a much higher rate than a typical fan you buy from the store. The Dehumidifiers we use are large or extra large in size, so they are not the typical dehumidifier units you find at your local store. Dehumidifiers pull water out of the air and bring it through the system to the hose and into a drain located on your property. With these pieces of equipment we can dry standard jobs on average in three to five days! 

If you have a water loss occur in your home, give our team a call. We will do whatever we can to make it “Like it never even happened.” 

What Do I Do?! -- Water Damage Tips! Remove What’s Affected

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

Man in a blue shirt removing green carpet padding from the floor. How much water and where the water came from helps our technicians determine if materials need to be removed or dried in place.

Oh no! Water has damaged your home! What do you do?!

Take a breath. We’re here to help.

Water can seriously affect your home or business if you do not have someone come out to remove the affected materials. ”Water will permanently damage most porous materials by shrinking or warping them, and mildew will damage them even further.” Mildew is hard to handle, and warped materials can cause more problems down the road. When our team arrives onsite, removing the necessary affected materials is their first priority if there is no standing water. Porous materials must be removed depending on the type of water that flooded your space. “Porous materials include carpet, insulation, fabric, and similar items.” 

Give our team a call. One of our office team members will talk with you to determine how we can assist you best and we will have a team onsite in no time!


Causes of Flooded Basements

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded living room If you're dealing with a flooded basement, call SERVPRO of East Greenville county TODAY! 864-292-3495

Wet basements can create problems costing thousands of dollars to repair.  Unexpected water in your basement can damage floors and walls, ruin furniture, destroy carpeting, and lead quickly to mold.

When you experience a flooded basement for the first time, it's important to determine if the water problems are going to recur or if it was a one-time event. If water in your basement is a consistent problem, it's time to start making decisions. Determining where the water is coming from is the first and most critical step in solving the problem.

What causes water to enter my basement?

Beyond observable flooding around your home and in your neighborhood, there are four common sources of water entering basements.

  • Basement water might be leaking down from the foundation walls
  • Water-saturated soils may be pushed into the basement by hydrostatic pressure
  • Storm sewer water from the municipal storm sewer system backing up in to the home’s perimeter foundation drain
  • Sanitary sewer water from a clog in municipal sewer line, your home’s sewer line, or a combination of both backing up in the sink and floor drains

Whether it's a plumbing leak, roof leak or a basement filled with water, water damage can require an expensive fix.

Here are a few home improvements to make water damage less likely:

  • Seal your basement.
  • Install a sump pump.
  • Add or update drainage. 
  • Install a water leak detection system. 
  • Update your windows and doors. 
  • Replace your pipes.
  • Regularly check your roof for signs of damage. 
  • Replace washing machine supply hoses. 

What Do I Do?! -- Water Damage Tips!

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

White wallpaper being lifted to show mold growing behind it. When water damage sits for too long, mold can begin to develop.

Oh no! Water has damaged your home! What do you do?!

Take a breath. We’re here to help.

Give our team a call. One of our office team members will talk with you to determine how we can assist you best. If you have standing water, one of our team members will immediately head your way. If you have had water damage for a few days, or even weeks, we will schedule a time for a team member to come out.

When water damage sits for too long, mold can begin to develop. We have trained professionals that can spot mold in visible areas. When a team member spots it, they will inform you and our office team. From there, one of our office team members will put you in touch with a subcontractor we have ready to assist you! If our team member returns to the office and says he recommends an air quality test, we will refer you to a specialist whom we have a great relationship with! 

Whatever the problem may be, give our office a call and we will assist you!

Why SERVPRO: Real Quotes from Real Customers

5/2/2021 (Permalink)

A grey building that has the SERVPRO logo on the door and the left side of the building. SERVPRO of East Greenville loves its customers!

SERVPRO of East Greenville County prides itself on excellent customer service from the moment we receive your call to the moment the job is finished. We want our customer’s experiences to speak for themselves so here are some quotes from our past customers that prove exactly why the company you should call for your restoration needs is SERVPRO of East Greenville County.

Merry A. | November 24, 2019

“The SERVPRO staff was awesome. Very quick to respond. They were kind and efficient.   They went above and beyond to help us. Highly recommend. ”

Faith S. | March 14, 2019

“We had a flood in our home. A situation that could have been horrible were it not for SERVPRO. They came immediately. They were very responsive, kind, understanding, helpful, yet very professional, thorough, efficient, and accommodating! Cannot speak more highly of SERVPRO’s work and efficiency. True Professionals who care about their work. It’s a pleasure to recommend them.”

Iris P. | March 8, 2019

“Being in the corporate industry I know how important it is to provide good service. Jonathan Evatt and his staff has been outstanding and went above and beyond what anyone could ever ask for. They took extremely good care of my home due to sewage flood. Very trusting, I left my house key with Jonathan as they did their job and never once was I concerned about anything. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Greenville Eastside. I know you can depend on Jonathan.”

Disaster Recovery Team

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

Yellow paper with the words "disaster plan" written on it and a black marker laying on top of it. Is SERVPRO of East Greenville part of your disaster plan? If not call us today!

SERVPRO has its own Commercial large loss division which is made up of our best of the best in restoration. We have prequalified and strategically placed our large-loss specialists all throughout the U.S. to be able to handle any size disaster.

Each large loss is supervised by a commercial operations manager to help ensure excellent communication and a timely mitigation.

What sets SERVPRO apart, is our ability to call on our strategically placed laborers which not only cuts cost for you, the customer, but also ensures that everything takes place in a timely fashion.

Clients for the Commercial Large Loss program include:

  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Property Managers
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • The Pentagon

Whether it is a tornado, blizzard, flood, or hurricane that has affected your business, SERVPRO is standing by ready to help as soon as you call. Our storm teams ensure that a job is never turned away because of the size. Seven days a week, and twenty-four hours a day SERVPRO is here to help.

Did You Know?

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Black cellphone connected to a black charging cord. The screen has a green battery to indicate it is charging. Laying a charging phone under a pillow or sheet can trap heat inside the cord.

When do you typically charge your phone? When you’re at work? While you’re asleep?

The typical individual charges their phone at night while they sleep. Various studies performed over the last two years have revealed this practice is dangerous and leaves you and your teenagers at risk! Here is the biggest risk factor: Leaving them in the bed while you sleep!

  • The chords we use to charge our phones get hot. If they’re laying on the sheets or under a blanket/comforter, they’re not expelling the heat as they're designed to do. Should the device or cord get too hot, the sheets/blanket/comforter may burn. Devices should be left on nightstands or dressers or shelves on top of a non-flammable object. 

When charging your devices, be sure to use the product as the seller intended they be used. Read the guidelines in the packaging. This quick tip can keep you and your household safe!